The RECODE project has the following main objectives:

  • To reduce stakeholder fragmentation in the area of open access to and dissemination and preservation of research data through: the identification of relevant networks and the¬†facilitation of dialogue and collaboration between these networks
  • To identify stakeholder values and inter-relationships in order to identify synergies and areas of conflict and promote collaboration on shared problems and solutions
  • To identify gaps, tensions and good practice solutions for infrastructural and technological, legal, ethical, institutional and policy issues relating to the sharing of data
  • To use five case studies to examine each of these areas across disciplinary boundaries
  • To use stakeholder collaboration exercises to identify and promote over-arching good practice policy solutions
  • To produce a set of guidelines that identify, promote and disseminate good practice solutions for the sharing of scientific data to stakeholders across the open access and data dissemination and preservation landscape